We manage the global sales & marketing for these leading brands:

  • Nature’s Path Foods

    is the #1 organic, gluten free breakfast cereal & snacks brand in USA. Please visit

  • Pacific Foods

    offers best selling organic non dairy beverages, soups & beans . Please visit

  • Lakewood Juice

    the #1 selling fresh pressed organic juice! Please visit

  • Gorilly Goods

    Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and raw nut and seed snack mixes perfect for on-the-go nutrition! Please visit

  • Project 7

    Innovative, award-winning sugar-free gum and candies with unique flavors and eye-catching packaging. Please visit

  • Koochikoo

    The worlds first organic AND sugar-free lollipops! Please visit

  • Ips Snacks

    The first and best baked protein chip! Please visit

  • Halfpops

    HALFPOPS is introducing a new category of snack food by reinventing the popcorn experience. Please visit

  • To Your Health

    Organic, gluten-free sprouted flours, grains, and snacks. Please visit

  • Biokleen

    are the best selling range of earth friendly household cleaning products. Please visit